Some Goals

What has become the New Zealand Personal Robotics Group began not long ago as a robotics project. So this is all pretty new. Below is a jumbled collection of some of my goals for the robotics project. Perhaps these goals will be shared by other people?


  • Explore ideas: both the philosophical as well as experience-based research within the field of Artificial Intelligence, specifically as related to robotics
  • Explore robotics hardware: the latest hobbiest-level sensors, motors, platforms, etc.
  • Explore robotics software: where have we gone since Rodney Brooks’ 1985 ideas about subsumption architectures [Brooks 1985], odometry using PID controllers [PID]?
  • Explore Self-Adaptive Software Systems
  • Learn the Python programming language


  • Try out various sensors and robot modules:
    • Time of Flight (ToF) laser distance sensors
    • infrared sensors (various distance ranges)
    • ultrasonic sensors (via PiBorg’s Ultraborg)
    • install Hall-effect motor encoders on the motor shafts, and write a Python-based PID motor controller
    • analog-to-digital converters
    • motion detector, to detect humans (and cats)
    • a robot front bumper, modeled after David Anderson’s SR04 robot [SR04]
    • motor control (via PiBorg’s Thunderborg)
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and battery management (via PiJuice)
  • Try out several robotic hardware platforms, for a low-cost, entry-level robot
    • OSEPP Tank Kit
    • Adafruit CRICKIT for Circuit Playground Express
    • robot chassis available from Adafruit:
      • Purple Aluminum Chassis for TT Motors – 2WD
      • Mini Robot Rover Chassis Kit – 2WD with DC Motors
      • Mini Round Robot Chassis Kit – 2WD with DC Motors
      • Mini 3-Layer Round Robot Chassis Kit – 2WD with DC Motors
  • motors:
    • OSEPP 25mm motors (part of the Tank kit), with encoders
    • yellow plastic motors
    • continual-rotation micro servos
    • Pololu micro gearmotors (1:298, with encoders)
  • Try out several robotic processor platforms, for a low-cost, entry-level robot
    • Raspberry Pi (Zero, Zero W)
    • Circuit Playground Express
    • Arduino
    • other microcontrollers, e.g., Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4 Express
    • Espruino WiFi (Javascript-based microcontroller)
    • MicroBit?
  • Explore use of I2C bus

Also see the page on Artificial Intelligence.

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